The G2B toolkit is a methodological approach that has , at its source, a blend of best practices of multi-national corporations as well as a deep sharing of  “on-the-field” experience of different salesmen of different sectors together, B2B & B2C mixed.

This process acknowledges the level & knowledge in sales of each individual & comforts them of their movement on the right way to success. This process is not here to review the ‘already known’ or the basis of sales.

It’s really meant to be a toolkit for any person dealing with sales in their profession. It aims to give a better framework to become more efficient in their sales call as well as to widen their mindset about the sales job & the perks linked to it.

Why is it a toolkit ?

It is an interactive training session whereby the most current issues about sales are identified in their real-life situations.

The training will provide hands-on Solutions to tackle these.

Practical elements such as catch phrases, visit patterns & templates are delivered to the attendants for future use.

The materials are meant to be used to become more professional & effective in your daiy to day activities

How does the training work ?

The first part mainly deals with on-the field job assessment & improvement. (ways to tackle prospection, cold calling & sales visits.)

Second part mostly concerns negotiation & closing deals.

To ensure a better understanding & delivery of the material, every module comprises a practical exercise & continuous interaction between audience.

All the exercises are based on real-life situations & pertaining as much as possible to the markets of  the audience.

At the end of each module, a complete toolbox kit will be sent to them with the key-learnings, catch phrases, templates & some additional materials

Table of contents

  • Who is Esya ?
  • Brief presentation of the audience
  • Interactive sharing of the sales job Nowadays – Our perception & challenges daily
  • Sales VS Marketing – the difference & intersection between each roles
  • Our definition of sales in our everyday life – our duties & its implications
  • The sales world : All actors & elements in it & brief overview of their need
  • Practical Exercise
  • Our customer in 2020 – His behavior / mindset
  • How do we prospect our customers ? traditional Vs new ? How to find new leads ? Hot leads ?
  • Relationship -building : its importance & how do we achieve it successfully & maintain it..
  • Practical Exercise
  • Cold calling – Tips to an effective cold calling
  • The “Sales call “ scenario
  • Practical Exercise
  • Emphasis on role of closing
  • Practical techniques to get to a proper closing
  • Practical Exercise
  • What are the most common negative comments we deal with our customers ?
  • What is behind a No ?
  • Techniques to bend the customers mindset
  • Practical Exercise
  • Chart Policy on a new mindset about success & a motivation to focus on this
  • Delivery of the tool box
  • Review of all practical techniques developed during the course
  • Assessment of  the before & after course evolution of mindset & knowledge

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