Employment Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey gives your people  the chance to have their say on how well you are doing.

 They will express themselves  on topics such as strategy, sustainability, recognition and diversity, motivation, talent development, company culture & welfare

It reflects the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their company. It’s a measure of how motivated people are to put in extra effort  and a sign of how committed they are to staying there.

 Importantly, employee engagement is an outcome that depends on your actions  particularly the actions driven by leadership, managers, and people teams..

How it works ?

The Investigation

We start by understanding your organization and what you need to measure & what matters most to your success. The meeting prepares your organization’s management team for an effective and positive employee survey process.

Focus Groups

Focus groups help to identify the most important issues and drivers of engagement for each employee group. The results are used to design the survey. We will team up with you on rolling out the process and conduct it with the employees

The Survey

We then design a survey and begin the process of collecting feedback. With strong & effective processes, we get actionable data. Because employee needs and demographic needs may vary, we may recommend using different versions

The way forward

We partner with you to analyze and interpret the results & various data. Our comprehensive planning will ensure that all this information is then turned into action and results. Monitoring & reporting the outcomes will be made measurable

All our actions are tailor made to your needs

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