Our sales coaches are seasoned executives with decade of real-world sales and marketing success.They can help you solve your most pressing problems and provide you with hands-on help coaching that should increase revenue

We master also tools that will enhance your salesteam skills creativity, mindset, motivation & productivity

Our Services :

Training & Coaching

We customize our training based on your realities

We work through one to one meetings & communications, held regularly with each salesman & assist the management team too .

Our meetings combine performance reviews, training & feedback sessions as well as exercise of real-time opportunities

We ensure of positive outcomes and efficiency by providing on the job training as well as other tools

Performance Management

Our focus is to optimize the sales performance of individuals and teams pertaining to deliver strategic value.

We will monitor performance based on:





  • Team building activities

    Team building exercises are a great way of improving communication,motivation, productivity

    These help employees or new teams to get to know each other better, and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

    We specialise in team building games and activities can be used to promote better teamwork in the workplace

    The G2B toolbox

    It is an interactive training session whereby the most current issues about sales are identified in their real-life situations and the training will provide hands-on Solutions to tackle these.

    Practical elements are delivered like a toolbox to become more professional & effective in your daiy to day activitieS

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    Focus groups


    We will gather a group of customers based on your buyers persona in an interactive setting.

    They will be discuss a specific subject under the guidance of our trained moderator with a certain focussed areas as requested per your products & services

    Employee engagement survey

    An employee engagement survey gives your people the chance to have their say on how well you are doing on all areas of your business

    It reflects the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization driven by the company's management

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