Sales Co-Sourcing

Co-sourcing is the  combination of services from your internal structure & an external partner  to achieve the same goal. This solution can complement your internal expertise and save business time, money, and effort in recruiting additional staff..

In practice, your manager and our team create workgroups and processes providing customized support across various business functions. 

Our goal and focus is to grow your business and provide you the necessary management to achieve your  expectations.

Outcomes of Co-Sourcing

  1. Quality Sales Professionals Focused on your Success

    Sales Intelligence for Improved Performance KPI’s and Performance Metrics 

    A Process Driven Sales Team

     Constant Communication with your Management Team

Specimen Tools :

Lead Generation

Our ESYA team can create list of targeted prospects based on your buyers persona

Our teams will call on that list, get to the decision maker and pre-qualify their interest in your services or products.

Through this process, we are able to effectively identify and generate opportunities, nurture the lead and then share it with your company

Recruitment assistance

Proper sales recruitment is crucial to the success of any business.

Our recruitment methodologies will ensure a thorough analysis of each individuals skills & competencies

We will tailor made an Assessment centre exercise based on your business environment and needs

Our end-goal is to find the right fit for you & your team

Manager Co-sourcing

Our sales managers expertise can take over the daily management of the current sales team and accordingly, an extension of your management team

We will become strategic partners because you are the experts on your product and We will train our representatives.

Accountability regarding all results & activities is on us

Contact us :

Phone: (+230) 59 44 42 40
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