Our pricing is tailor-made and depends on what are the actions you hire. They are usually classified as the following :

Fixed Compensation

The fixed component usually means the salaries paid to them.

While in theory it would be suitable to hire our services on a commission-only basis, We tend to avoid it, since it tends to lead to high turn-over and usually fails to attract the type of stable, high performers you need for a successful sales campaign. .

For some campaigns, a sales manager will also be required, who will receive slightly higher compensation than the sales representatives.

Other campaigns will utilize a "selling manager," who is a sales representative, but functions as a team leader, in the absence of an official sales manager.

Variable Compensation

What this usually refers to is the commission based on sales or other outcomes and may be different from month to month.

Commission structures are typically highly individualized, and depend on your product and sales structure, as well as the Total Targeted Compensation

Determining the correct TTC and salary/commission mix is vitally important to attract the best sales talent available

We will work with you to determine a commission structure that makes sense for your campaign. Once your commission structure has been determined, our company should be able to provide you with projections for costs and production.

Project fees

The program management fee, by contrast, is what covers all the sales support, and the underlying engine that runs everything

This fee generally covers functions like the following:

Sales and product training

Recruiting overheads

Account management costs

Technology and licensing

Travel costs

Tax costs

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