Lead Generation

Sales prospecting is the process of searching for prospective customers or clients from your pool of leads, with the goal of identifying qualified potential buyers that can move through your sales process and convert into paying customers for your business.

Following up with cold sales prospects can occupy valuable time for your  sales reps. If you can provide them with qualified leads that are interested in speaking with them, they can spend more time closing, and less time cold-calling unproductively.

Leads come first, sales prospects second

How it works :

Define Buyer persona

We listen and work closely with you to understand the characteristics of your ideal customers 

Job profile

Industry segmentation


Personal profile

Behavioral patterns

Design a call campaign

generating targeted lists using your database or we build one for you.

developing a customised script in partnership with you and your team.

assigning staff when the lead list is acquired

practice to ensure success.

Monitor lead quality based on your feedback and make the necessary adjustments if need be.

Cold calling

Our team will be making contact to a list of targeted prospects that might be highly interested in your product or service.

We will get to the decision maker and pre-qualify their interest in  pre-qualify their interest in speaking with you or your sales rep about your services or products.

We will set up a blend of cold calling as well as an e-mail campaign with personalised scripts so as to ensure maximum interest & returns

Contact us :

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