Until recently, there were few sales force outsourcing alternatives to distributors & resellers other than building a direct sales force in-house. This option requires substantial capital and expertise; the cost of hiring, training and managing a direct sales force can be challenging.

As distributors & resellers are selling your products on a commission or margin basis, there is little control over what they do and how they do it. With in-house sales people, paid a base salary and bonus/commission, a company has direct control over its markets, customers, pricing, etc.

Sales force outsourcing vendors are now a strategic solution to building a direct sales operation without the capital costs and management overhead of recruiting and training in-house sales people.

Our integrated teams partner with organizations to help them achieve the results they want without the costs and headaches of staffing internally. By focusing on the entire sales world and providing expert talent at each stage, ESYA CONSULTING will be able to optimize the demand and revenue generation functions of any organization.

  • Speed to market; – we recruit great sales people FAST and have all the necessary tools to get a sales team up and running
  • Improved ROI as opposed to building or extending your salesforce.
  • Ability to access markets unavailable to the client.Our network in numerous industries and can leverage relationships for you!
  • Improved systems and process to better capture a marketplace. We stay on top of sales trends you and utilize the latest sales tools.
  • Providing an opportunity to test & compare for your internal sales resources. Our team will be reporting valuable market research back to you.
  • Test a new product/service without distracting current sales structure – leave your people to what they do & let us test out a new product or market for you.

If you’re looking to hire a sales consultant, then you’ve come to the right place. ESYA CONSULTING   is a sales consultancy focused on integrating a vast number of targeted services and sales accelerators, each with supporting processes and methods proven to be best-in-class, inspired and taught by the best practices & expertise of world leading companies

Our sales consulting solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We aim & thrive to deliver enormous returns on investment and rapid revenue growth for our customers.

Our vision is to assist  small & medium companies to increase sales and profitability in some very difficult times, and this sales consultancy service represents a broader commitment to advisory services.

We collaborate with our clients to develop an implementation plan that focuses on rapidly increasing top-line revenue growth and market share by providing tailored, time-tested sales consulting and acceleration services.



“High-Performing” with sustainable top-line growth and predictable sales and marketing Looking to higher levels of performance and may seek our advice so as to stay on the top of their game.

“Average” where significant improvement is possible but often out of reach for them. Getting incremental gains in areas that are working fairly well and making improvements in underperforming areas

 “Stuck” unable to achieve a breakthrough and begin growing again,experiencing declining revenue and profitability.

 “Foreign” looking to position themselves in the local marketplace.

Our solutions are tailored and scalable. We want a win for each client no matter how large or small & whatever the situation they are in.

ESYA consulting will start by working with the General management or Sales and Marketing manager and their teams in looking very closely at the core drivers of the business. So,in working with our client company, we very quickly

  1. a) “Assess” the organization’s performance in various areas,
  2. b) build a “Roadmap” for how and what to do in order to achieve greater performance and
  3. c) create a “Model” that includes the human and other resources needed to achieve that higher level of top line performance,
  4. d) deliver a comprehensive implementation plan for executing all the activities and behaviors needed.
In working with your company, we’re able to look at very specific areas of your performance with regards to the drivers and monitor their improvement over time. We willl identify what’s working well and what the metrics are and how they can be impacted.

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