Lets help you sell better

Esya is a sales & marketing consultancy agency specialised in integrating sales boosters with efficient processes & methods. We are inspired & taught by the best practices & expertise of our diverse team

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs & we collaborate with our clients to develop focussed  actions to increase top line revenue & market share

Our services

Commercial Audit

What do we do :

Sales & Marketing Review

Competition Analysis

Market Research

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Business development

What do we do :

Devise sales & marketing action plans

Implement operations

Monitoring outcomes

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Salesteam development

What do we do :

Training / Coaching

Performance Management

Team Building

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Co sourcing

What do we do :

Lead Generation

Management Co-Sourcing

Recruitment Assistance

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Why us ?

Great savings

"Pay for one - Get a team" in One single fee.

No taxes ( No NPF/NSF etc )

No fringe benefits

Sub savings ( No office space / transport etc )

No direct human resource management.

Hybrid specialists

Our network of experienced managers & entrepreneurs

Combination of various functional areas of expertise

Alliance of locals & expats know-how, aiming to boost our customers businesses

Sharing of best practices & operational systems from on-field experience in B2B & B2C.

Results driven

Our team functions with a progressive growth & innovative mindset.

Use data-driven insights and work as a whole to deliver outcome based results.

Having our team operating at the peak of efficiency brings quicker results and allows your company to focus on delivering products and services.

Access new markets

Our inside sales team will be on the front lines and will report valuable market research back to you.

We can give the ability to access markets unavailable to the client.

We have vast sales experience in numerous industries and verticals and can leverage those relationships for you.

Contact us :

Phone: (+230) 59 44 42 40
Email: info@esya.mu
Morcellement Raffray, Pointe aux Canonniers